About Us

Our team has been in the Hood Exhaust Cleaning industry since 1989. We’ve performed Hood cleanings to Fire inspections over the years. Some of the things we’ve come across can boggle the mind; from two inches of grease in the duct system to severe roof damage from accumulated grease and an occasional fire.  This is costing someone, that someone could be you, the building owner. Although an occasional fire inspection from the local Fire Marshall may take place at your property, how detailed is it and are you informed of the results? That’s where COMPLIANT1 comes in. We perform a thorough inspection from the rooftop to the Hood Ventilation System, in detail. We provide a digital report of our findings to our clients.

We provide Fire Prevention Risk Inspections of Hood Exhaust Systems in Food service establishments for:

Insurance companies
Building owners
Shopping Centers
Management firms

Our inspections are guided by the “National Fire Protection Association” (Code 96) and all governmental and local fire codes. Our purpose is to minimize the life safety concerns and fire hazards associated with Commercial Cooking Equipment. We are experts in this field and concentrate all our efforts on the risk associated with grease fires and loss from food service establishments due to non-compliance issues.

We are the leader in our industry through high value, mutually beneficial business practices. Risk Compliance is always conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards, and adherence to our clear and defined scope of services guarantees performance.